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Global Softindo exist, to help you find solutions to your business problems using information technology. We would diagnose your business problems thoroughly so that we can create perfect solutions match to your daily business process. We are not only selling software, but what we sold are solutions.

Our work pattern begin with analyze your business process and listen to you problem and after that we recommend you appropriate and integrative solution. We assure you our recommended solution if they are not faster and cheaper we will give back your investment fully.

Experience in developing information system in many business fields gives us confident to help your problem thoroughly. That why our products are a set of complete solution. Solutions that we presented are:

Information System Development
Blue Print (Road Map)

Often business develop their information system not match with their company's objectives and sporadic. This thing often described with general problem such as: expensive development without significant return; separate system inhibit synergy between divisions; and consume lot of time and effort. Information System Development Blue print give you clear step how to develop your information system link with your business process and objectives and create competitive advantage to your company.


Today billions of peoples could access internet worldwide and it become part of their daily activities. In the future all people in the world will be connected in this global information network so that space and time boundaries won't be necessary problem. Website becomes a frontline to market your product. From a simple function such as company profile introduction up to complex website that handle business transaction can be done in your website. With small investment your business can be accessed by millions of customer worldwide.



Application Solution

Information technology has a advantage that hard to follow with other solution. The advantages are in term of speedy process, massif and cheaper. Industry concept that introduce by Henry Ford in his car line production are speedy process, massif and in the end produce affordable product. Information System give your company that advantage so that your process business become faster, massive and cheaper. In the end this give your company competitive advantage compared with your competitor.



Executive Dashboard

Top management often didn't need detailed data and information about single process in the company. Management only needs to know global and integrative information in current situation to help them made a right decision. Executive Dashboard is an application to help management to get an accurate and global information that help to make decision by extracting transactional information day by day operation.


  • Executive Dashboard
  • KHI Pipe Executive Dashboard

Information Technology Outsourcing

In the future business competition will be more fierce and global. Organization has to be responsive in order to anticipate changes. Organizations that focus to their core business process and agile will survive. That is why we give you a solution so that IT process as a supporting activity can be outsourcing to us. This made your company more focus on core business. The solutions are wide range from IT hardware rental, human resources & maintenances.

Our Partners

As a new establishes company we are given a trust to give solution on problems that faced by well known companies and organization. Our partners are State Own Companies, Governments, Small and Medium Companies, Tourism Companies and Educational Institutions.

Our Team is a group of people with their high dedication and competent on their field to help you solve problem completely. We welcome you to join us to grow together toward the future.
You could contact us anytime to consult us about your business problem using these media below.

Come to our office at:

Jalan Terusan Cimuncang (Pasir Leutik) No. 25 Bandung 40125

Contact person:

Nelly Intan Widyanti
+62 852 2158 2690

Our Product

Solusi umum yang kami hasilkan dapat kami kembangkan untuk menjadi produk yang robust dan handal. Produk kami tersebut dapat digunakan untuk masalah bisnis lainnya yang memiliki proses bisnis serupa. Produk yang kami tawarkan antara lain:

Sistem Informasi Kepegawaian

Sistem Informasi Kepegawaian (SIMPEG) merupakan produk yang kami kembangkan untuk sistem informasi kepegawaian spesifik di lingkungan pegawai negeri sipil. Penerapan aplikasi SIMPEG dapat dilakukan diberbagai instansi pemerintahan skala kecil maupun besar karena aplikasi mengikuti standar Badan Kepegawaian Nasional. Fitur dalam SIMPEG antara lain:

  1. Pengelolaan Data Master Pegawai, yakni fitur untuk mengelola data-data utama pegawai melingkupi biodata, jabatan, gaji & tunjangan, pendidikan, pasangan & anak, pensiun & rekap penilaian DP3 tiap karyawan.
  2. Administrasi Data Referensi, yakni fitur untuk merubah data acuan/referensi yang berkaitan dengan daftar pangkat, jabatan, unit & lokasi kerja, gaji pokok dan lain-lain.
  3. Monitoring, mencakup monitoring kenaikan pangkat dan gaji berkala serta pensiun pegawai.
  4. Pembuatan Formulir Isian Data Pegawai (FIP), Biodata Pegawai, Surat Keputusan Kenaikan Pangkat, dan Surat Kenaikan Gaji Berkala, Form DP3, Form Tunjangan.
  5. Dapat mengeksport & mengimport data pegawai yang dimutasikan selama kedua dinas menggunakan aplikasi yang sama.